Verti Gro

Verti Gro is a family owned and run business located in the picturesque countryside of Phillip Island in the Gippsland region of Victoria. Verti Gro was formed due to the public response to our small Vertical farm known as Phillip Island Strawberries.

Owners Roger and Faye Morris established the farm in late 2019 and over the next 18 months through natural progression and striving to achieve optimum results have continued to develop the farm and products utilizing Rogers 40 plus years of plumbing and irrigation experience to include a range of products that brings a new level of expertise to the Vertical Farming Revolution.
Verti Gro is now a leader in Hydroponic Vertical Farming equipment, Nutrient, growing media and Supplies.

Verti Gro have also appointed an Agronomist and Chemist who were instrumental in helping develop a range of Nutrients Specifically designed for Vertical growing systems for a complete range of produce specializing but not limited to strawberries, tomatoes and a wide range of vegetables all produced from the highest quality raw materials.
Although small, our farm is the largest Vertical Tower growing system of its kind in Australia and is used for testing and development of our Vertical farming technology and has helped us develop a customized watering system and controls as well as growing media and a range of hydroponic nutrients.