Bcompact Design

Engineered without compromise.
Here at Bcompact, we strive to innovate and make products that create space using materials that can replenish the planet. Our products take time, ingenuity and dedication to craft and we have been humbled by the international recognition we’ve received and continue to receive.

Bcompact was founded by Zev Bianchi, an industrial designer from Sydney, Australia. Zev first conceptualised and designed the now iconic folding staircase in the early 2000’s and finally brought it to life as a prototype in 2013. After being awarded design patents and winning numerous international awards, the folding staircase shot to fame in a viral video that was seen over 130 million times. Bcompact now ships both the folding staircase and the folding ladder globally.

All of this may have not been possible without Zev’s discovery of Bamboo. A strong, beautiful and highly sustainable material, Bamboo allowed for the creation of the folding staircase and ladder and also awakened Zev to the potential bamboo had to tackle many environmental challenges, especially climate change. Along with his wife, Sandra, Zev now runs Bcompact, splitting his time between designing new space creating products and advocating for the use and growth of bamboo globally.

Crafted meticulously at our factory in Tuggerah, NSW Australia, our products are handcrafted with an unwavering commitment to precision and care. Every item undergoes professional design, artful construction, and individual assembly, followed by factory calibration prior to being dispatched to customers across the globe.