Broken Bay Pearl Farm

Established in 2003, we are NSW’s only pearl farm. After nearly two decades of culturing pearls on NSW’s Central Coast, we offer extraordinary pearling experiences and invite you to immerse yourself in this truly remarkable story.

In 2017, after a decade of successfully growing Akoya pearl oysters quietly on the Central Coast, Broken Bay Pearl Farm founders Ian and Rose Crisp began an exciting partnership with James Brown and his team from the Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm (Broome, Western Australia). From this, Pearls of Australia was born.

Pearls of Australia now stand at the forefront of an extremely small group of dedicated pearl farmers, marine biologists and scientific researchers that are beginning to bridge the gap between the pearl shell depletion of the past and the sustainable pearl cultivation of the future. Spanning operations from the East Coast of New South Wales to the far north western tip of the Kimberley Coastline in Western Australia, our farmers work side by side as they invest in cutting edge technologies, innovation and sustainable marine practices, while also creating a new awareness towards this ever-evolving Australian story.

Today we’re one step closer towards our vision of a world in which both farmers and retailers work together to ensure a future that sees pearls, people and planet living in harmony.