Capital Brewing Co

Capital Brewing Co-founders Managing Directors Tom Hertel and Laurence Kain Grew up in Canberra just one suburb apart. Their paths crossed for the first time in 2005 when they both started working in bars around Canberra. It was here that they bonded of a shared love of quality beverages and the hospitality trade.

In 2011, they pooled together the money they’d squirrelled away from working behind bars and with the help of some mates and some sledge hammers, turned an old Italian restaurant into Canberra’s first bar focused on independent Australian craft beer. Being pre-craft-beer boom, that beer wasn’t easy to come by. Every fortnight they’d drive a hire truck to Sydney and return laden with kegs, which were soon emptied, thanks to the voracious local appetite for quality brews.

It didn’t take long for the guys to realise they wanted to build a business that combined their passion for hospitality, quality beer and the place they call home. In 2012 they went to the USA to experience the burgeoning craft beer scene. Armed with valuable knowledge around brewing techniques and equipment, they returned home, sold everything they owned and with a little help from friends and family, scraped together the cash to open Capital Brewing Co. The vision from day one was to brew a range of craft beers that everyone can enjoy, not just beer aficionados with hop crumbs in their moustaches.

In September 2016 Capital Brewing Co launched!!!

Today, after a whole lot of yeast, hops and hard work, Capital Brewing Co is one of the largest independent craft breweries in Australia with a team of 70 plus and a whole lot of exciting things in the pipeline.

After a rigorous two-year assessment of our operations, Capital Brewing Co is proud to announce we have achieved B Corp certification! We join a global network of 5,500 companies worldwide, 300 Aussie businesses and only 3 breweries in Australia who are committed to building a better economic system.
No longer are we established as simply a ‘for-profit’ company. We have enshrined in our constitution a commitment to deliver for the planet, our people, and for purpose.

Achieving B Corp certification is no easy task, and it’s not simply handed out to anyone who applies. Companies are audited against 5 key areas: Governance, Workers, Community, Environment and Customers. A minimum score of 80points (out of a possible 200) is required to achieve certification. To put the achievement in perspective, becoming carbon neutral nets you less than 2 points. The average score for companies completing the assessment is 50.9.

Our brewery is a beacon of sustainability, dedicated to minimising our environmental footprint. Through innovative water conservation, waste reduction, and energy-saving practices, we continuously strive to improve and preserve our planet.
Our staff’s happiness is paramount and so is how we deliver for our customers. From staff safety, training and development, and strict quality control to ensure you always receive a top-quality product, all our people, yourself included, are our top priority.
We’ve supported over 450 community groups & charities and are a leader in sustainability within the brewing industry. We are committed to delivering diverse employment opportunities for our community and keeping your beer money in the local economy.
With every Capital beer you purchase, you too are investing in positive impacts for our planet, people, and community.