Clayridge Honey

Clayridge Honey is unprocessed, raw, 100% pure and completely natural honey straight from our beehives.
Our bees roam the untouched pristine bushland on the South Coast and Southern Highlands of NSW collecting pure and natural nectar (which is converted to honey) and pollen (used mainly to make beeswax).
The flavours or varieties offered by us are dependent on what is flowering. We specialise in gourmet honeys dictated mainly by Australian native plants eg Bloodwood, Spotted Gum, Ironbark.

What is so different about Clayridge Honey?

  • Clayridge Honey tastes absolutely amazing and is not like honey you buy from the supermarket
  • Our honey is not heat treated or processed in anyway
  • Nothing artificial is added as our honey is taken straight from the beehives and bottled for your enjoyment
  • We do not blend batches of honey together which can result in a distortion of flavours. This practice also detracts from your enjoyment of the uniqueness of the nectar flavours collected by the bees
  • Available in a range of gourmet seasonal flavours and full of beneficial natural antioxidants
  • Naturally gluten, wheat and 100% fat free. Also a great natural alternative to sugar
  • Perfect to drizzle on your cereal, stir in your drinks or just spread on your toast
  • Clayridge Honey will never go off, so feel free to stock up your cupboards. It may after a period of time go candy or crystallise, but this is a good thing as it is a sign of purity.

It also shows you that our honey has nothing artificial added to force it to stay liquid and that it is unprocessed, raw, natural and completely pure. To return the honey to liquid, simply place the jar in some warm water.
Clayridge Honey is available to you the way that nature intended and we would not have it any other way.