Dowie Doole

DOWIE DOOLE is a story of two terroirs and time. Our home McLaren Vale, South Australia, has unique, ancient terroirs that produce world-class wines that can proudly challenge the best in the world. DOWIE DOOLE’s Estate Vineyards are in two of McLaren Vale’s most prized terroirs; the sandy soils of Blewitt Springs and the ancient rocks of Tatachilla. With geology as old as 650M years, some of the oldest geology vines are grown anywhere in the world.

In 1995 DOWIE DOOLE’s founders Drew Dowie and Norm Doole, realising the potential of their estate vineyards, formed a partnership to nurture these two terroirs using Biodynamic techniques to ensure the sustainability of these living landscapes for future generations. The fruit, therefore, truly expresses not only its place but also the environment in which it is grown.

Situated in the Fleurieu region of South Australia, McLaren Vale is nestled within the southern Mount Lofty Ranges. With its close proximity to the Gulf of St Vincent to the west, the resulting Mediterranean-type climate ensures the grapes enjoy a long, even ripening period, producing wines of exceptional flavour and generosity.

DOWIE DOOLE’s Estate Vineyards are in two of McLaren Vale’s most sought-after sub-regions; the Dowie Vineyard on the cool sandy slopes of Blewitt Springs and the Doole Vineyard on the ancient rocks of Tatachilla. As a member of Sustainable Winegrowing Australia, our vineyards are a healthy living ecosystem that allows a true expression of the vineyard’s natural terroir. We also believe in generational farming, so as current custodians of the land, we must nurture it to ensure it is cherished for many future generations to enjoy. So, when you visit us, please forgive the weeds; we are not lazy, just healthy!

DOWIE DOOLE’s wines are crafted to capture the essence of the vineyards and the vintage in which they were grown and produced. As a genuine grower-producer, all wines are made in our estate winery on our Dowie Vineyard. In the case of the single vineyard block wines – an expression of each vineyard’s individuality. This sense of place – encapsulated in a bottle- has earned DOWIE DOOLE a reputation for crafting regionally distinctive wines. Put simply… our winemaking starts in the vineyard.
All wines are crafted with minimal intervention winemaking techniques, and no animal or dairy-based winemaking aids are used to create our wines.