Eclipse Handcrafted Furniture

Eclipse Handcrafted Furniture’s creations reveal the immense variations and beauty that are inherent in Australian mainland hardwood timbers. Beautiful timbers and superb craftsmanship combine to be the hallmark of what Eclipse Handcrafted Furniture stands for.
Every piece of furniture we make will outlive us, we are making furniture that will be around for generations and your grandchildren will love inheriting your dining table. When you purchase a piece of furniture from Eclipse you can feel good in knowing that your choice to purchase from us is an ethical decision.
There is so much more intrinsic value in buying locally made products in that you are supporting the Australian economy and very importantly, Australian jobs.
What we provide at Eclipse is thoughtfully designed furniture specially made to fit your requirements. With relatively short turnaround times and made from unique indigenous hardwoods, we make bespoke easy and enjoyable.