Elementary Skin Care

Elementary Skin Care began many years ago as a beautiful hobby and rapidly evolved into an ethically minded, boutique business with the aim of sourcing locally produced, high quality ingredients and turning them into gorgeous smelling natural skin care products.
Our products are free of petrochemical based ingredients and we ‘stubbornly’ strive to keep our products simple, sourced from nature and as eco-friendly as possible.
All of our products are handcrafted by us, using a range of carefully designed botanical formulations in small batch apothecary tradition in Melbourne, Australia.
We only use fully recyclable packaging, including recycled PET plastics, glass and aluminium and we’re continually working to reduce our eco-footprint.
Elementary originally debuted as KISS Skin Care in mid 2016 and although we have not changed our design philosophy to ‘Keep It Simple, Stupid’, we decided that ‘Elementary Skin Care’ better represented the simplicity and natural chemical elements of our brand.
We believe strongly that good skin care can be achieved simply by using natural, uncomplicated products with real results.