Firescreek winery grow using small scale organic permaculture regenerative farming techniques. Without the use of heavy machinery and growing using biodiversity of over 30 species of fruit, 40 species of roses and countless other botanicals, the winery is able to make wine all year round, instead of relying on a single grape harvest.

Customers are welcome to explore the 2.5 acres and we encourage you to explore the organic gardens but ask you to take care of plants and produce and tread carefully for your own safety and the safety of our earth worms busy at work building beautiful healthy soil. Children are very welcome to come and explore. We are a working winery will all production done on site and have large lily ponds and Fires Creek that surrounds the property, so children need to be supervised for their safety by a parent or guardian at all times.

The winery produces 25 different wines on the property at any one time. Utmost care is taken into delicately make the wine so that the natural flavours of the fruit and flowers are captured in the wine, in one of the most ultimate ways of preserving botanicals. Wines are also vegan friendly.

Winemaking from fruits has been around for thousands of years and these winemakers are pushing the boundaries of wine making coming up with unique combinations, some of them never been made anywhere else in the world.
With over 45 medals for these wines the taste and seasonal variations are sure to delight any creative foodie looking for a new experience.