Forest Fresh Honey

Forest Fresh is a Perth based, family owned and run enterprise specialising in the supply of unique, high Activity honey sourced from the native forests of southern Western Australia. Our mission is to educate everyone on the powerful, natural and unique benefits of Western Australian honey, and provide only the highest quality products to customers all around the world.
Our extended family have been commercial Beekeepers in WA for over 100 years, so we have a deep knowledge of the local apiary industry. We also have strong scientific expertise, which is essential to understand the biology of the local native flora and the chemistry of the unique honeys derived from them.
We utilise our expertise to source a selected range of Active honeys from the best Beekeepers in WA and supply it, pure, raw and natural directly to you.
We pride ourselves in our family-like customer service, and providing products we know everyone will trust, love and enjoy.