After years in the fashion & textile industry in Australia and Japan, Francie was born from a desire for luxurious knitwear that is also low impact. Beautiful design that happens to be transparent, sustainable, and ethical.
Founded in Melbourne, and now based in Auckland, Francie knits are a celebration of our local industry on both sides of The Tasman.
Francie knitwear is made from premium yarns and created in some of the last remaining small, ethically certified, factories in Australia & New Zealand.
The collection focuses on natural fibers that breathe with you, and designs that move with you, between occasions, seasons, and years.
We choose to knit with one of the last remaining knitting factories in Melbourne, which is certified by ECA (Ethical Clothing Australia).
We are now working across The Tasman too with our factory in Auckland, New Zealand. With decades of experience, they live up to our high standards of quality and share our ethical values. Just like our Melbourne factory, they also ensure their team is looked after by providing safe working conditions and fair pay for all of their workers.
In both factories our pieces are designed to be knitted all in one piece on Japanese knitting machines. This innovative technology combined with the finesse of hand-finishing creates seamless knits with minimal waste.