Gods of Sauces

Gods of Sauces was born out of the challenges of COVID-19 when our sister food truck business was put on hold. Rather than sit around and wait, we decided to bring some of our homemade sauces to the market. Our founder, Che, who is a coeliac along with his two daughters, made sure that all of the sauces were gluten-free, just like the food from his truck.
One of our most popular sauces was the Korean hot sauce, which was mild yet uniquely different from what was available in the market. It was already a hit with our food truck customers and we hoped it would be the same in local stores. In May 2020, we released the Korean hot sauce online and in local stores, and it quickly became a big seller. In just 8 months, it won first place in the mild hot sauce category at the Mr Chilli Awards 2021 and gold at the Sydney Royal Fine Food Awards in 2021.
Now, three years later, we have 14 products and over 70 stockists across Australia. We have won 23 awards in the USA, Australia, and New Zealand, with over 12 products receiving awards. Our hot sauces are perfect for pouring over food, within food, or just chugging straight from the bottle. They are created for foodies and chili-heads alike, and are gluten-free.
As a family-owned Australian business, we take pride in our products and our multi-award-winning hot sauces. We want you to start your saucy journey with us and experience the unique and delicious flavors of our sauces. So go ahead, #BEGODLY & #GETSAUCY, and check out our hot sauces today!