Hachibee Honey

Hachibee Honey is a family owned and run business based in North East Victoria, Australia.
We chose to live in the North Eastern region of Victoria due to the area’s great beekeeping potential. That was ten years ago. Since then, we have come a long way. After starting from scratch in the early days, we have built up a business that not only produces a wonderful product but supports a unique lifestyle that we love.
Spring, Summer and Autumn are the busiest honey production seasons, with varying conditions producing different types of honey each year. There are also months where we are lucky enough to be able to source premium honey close to home. During Spring, commuting distances are at a minimum. This is when we can enjoy all the natural glories of the season in our own back yard.
The honey is organically processed in our own factory with machinery and facilities that are a far cry from our humble beginnings. Back then we had only an old trailer, a trolley and a small 18 frame extracting machine. Such obstacles and challenges have made way for more modern luxuries, like air-conditioning in the factory, forklifts and a big truck with a sleeper.
Good vehicles are particularly important as work takes us further afield with each year that passes. We now travel far and wide, venturing into Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia and sometimes Queensland. We can often find ourselves working in rich farmland along major rivers and valleys, in amongst the sandy country along the coast, up in the alps and high country, as well as dry, inland desert areas. Chasing honey has certainly allowed us to see much of Australia’s vast natural beauty.