Handkrafted connects you with Australia’s best independent makers to commission high-quality custom furniture and lighting.
Australia has an amazingly rich and vibrant community of talented craftspeople who produce world-class goods. These makers have got their heads down in their workshops designing, innovating, and creating. Handkrafted unites all of these skilled artisans in one space, making it possible to access their services in ways that weren’t obtainable before.

Handkrafted was born out of a passion for quality and authenticity. Frustrated by the poor quality of mass-produced goods, and not being able to easily find someone to make the items he had in mind, Fred Kimel came up with the idea of creating a marketplace that would make it simple for anyone to be able to connect with the right craftspeople and artisans to produce unique, high-quality and sustainably made goods.

We believe in uncovering the stories behind the products we buy – connecting customers with the people who made them, providing insight into how the pieces were made and letting them have a voice in shaping their own designs. There’s a sentimentality and meaning behind handmade goods that is unparalleled by anything mass-produced.
Handkrafted encourages you to connect with some of the best craftspeople in the country. Look through their work, listen to their stories, discuss your ideas, and let your vision take shape.