Happs Wine and Commonage Pottery

Founded in 1978, Happs and Commonage Pottery has a long and inspiring story as one of the pioneering, family-run wineries and pottteries in the Margaret River region.
Our story begins with two local high school teachers, Erl and Ros Happ who fell in love in 1969. This young, passionate, adventurous couple had boundless enthusiasm and drive to create. This love of creation manifested itself in many ways, particularly in creating pottery and wine.
Clay and wine have been intrinsically linked to Happs with the winery and cellar door being built using clay dug from the ground on the Commonage road property. Each mudbrick was built by hand.

We’re a family-owned business who believes that wine, art and culture should be accessible and enjoyed by everyone for generations to come. At the heart of our business will always be our values, or the things that really matter to us.