J R Bespoke Designs

J R Bespoke Designs was founded by Jarryn Allen in 2016, a Carpenter by trade who had a passion for creating custom made furniture. Jarryn’s passion for woodworking began in high school, where woodworking was his favourite class but he also had a love for design and thought that architecture or a draftsman might be a good career path. Upon leaving high school, he was still unsure about what he wanted to do in life and decided that trying a hands on trade in Carpenter might help him decide.

After years working as a Carpenter he would spend his spare time handcrafting furniture in the home garage for himself, family and friends. This is where we found his calling of mixing Design and Hands on work to create beautiful furniture. After a few years he decided he would start crafting furniture to then sell, the fine quality of work shone through and quickly grew into a thriving business.
Jarryn’s most recent fond memory was in 2021 when his Mum and Dad asked him to help refurbish his Mum’s childhood dining table. After a bit of digging to find out where it came from, they discovered that the table would’ve been between 80-100 years old and was actually made by Jarryn’s great grandfather, which makes it even more special now.

J R Bespoke Designs will work with you from an idea, through the design process all the way to the finished product being delivered and installed in your home. All of our handcrafted pieces show style and elegance, demanding attention in any home. We pride ourselves on all our work, and spend the time to create these beautiful custom made pieces that really turn a house into a home.