JD.Lee Furniture

At JDLee Furniture we look into the lifecycle of our product and try to the best of our ability to adopt a sustainable approach (financially, spiritually and environmentally). In the beginning we identify what materials we need/choose to use and why, how they are harvested as a raw material, and other processes including time, energy and cost. Issues regarding longevity and waste are identified and resolved with integrity. Storage, packaging and transport is considered, the effect this has on the business, the customer and the environment. Once all evaluations are made and strategies put in place to create the least impact possible to the best of our ability, we then look at the end life of a product. The priority of our product is durability, the best thing any individual can do to reduce their waste is to buy less. Therefore our aim is to produce a product that will last.
The approach taken to the design and manufacture of our products at JD.Lee Furniture are realised by adopting simple design principles. Our priority is to design for durability, so durable materials are sought and detailed joinery and craftsmanship is implemented in the construction and manufacturing of each product. We are aware of the impact the large products have on space when storing, distributing and even owning so we try to design for disassembly wherever possible. By being the designers and the manufactures of our product we are able to introduce systems that drastically reduce our waste as well as turning what waste we do have into a product.