Ka Ra Studio

We create furniture that’s serious in quality, but full of fun, lighthearted charm.
Furniture that’s pared back yet playful, whilst being flexible, to fit smaller spaces.
Furniture that’s made locally by a selection of Melbourne’s incredibly talented makers — with our home planet in mind, using sustainable materials.
Furniture designed to bring joy to your space, to make you feel at home.
At the end of the day, we just want to make long lasting, cherished pieces that make you feel all warm and fuzzy with happiness.
We focus on primarily using local Australian timbers, to lessen the CO2 emissions of transporting timbers from overseas.
We also feel it’s important that we avoid harm to our native forests, particularly our old growth trees, so to keep our native forests intact, all of our timbers are responsibly and sustainably sourced from local farms and tree plantations.
Our finishes and coatings are made from plant-based oils which are durable and non-toxic.