Karla Cola

KarlaCola the label began when Karla (owner, director, founder and proud mother of 3) found out she was pregnant with her daughter and immediately felt the need to start making her clothes. And so her love of sewing and being creative with clothes began!
In 2009, when Karla and her family of 5 moved back to Australia from the US, she found there were limited choices for really different eclectic clothing for women, so she started making her own clothes.
What started as a hobby quickly grew into a love and passion for something and she discovered it came so easily to her. Focusing on colourful designs and Scandinavian fabrics her ideas and thoughts grew and grew. Craving unique colourful prints and styles, she expanded her idea into a business into women’s clothes and focused on providing women like herself another alternative to mainstream clothing and colours.
Eventually she decided to focus on exclusively licensed fabrics to hold onto that uniqueness for a brand she had poured her heart and soul into. She started with 3 sizes and today has 5 sizes available ranging from 6-22 (XS – XXL). https://karlacola.com/