Luke Neil

Born in the outer North Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Luke spent much of his childhood exploring nature with playful curiosity. He built tree houses and realised the potential of materials around him often using creativity as a way to find a new purpose for discarded old objects. Luke began his career, training as a carpenter and spending best part of a decade defining a reputation as a dedicated craftsman. His experience as a carpenter presented opportunities for further exploration in areas such as cabinetry and furniture design.

Feeling restricted by modern generic trends in the design and construction industry, Luke began exploring the potential for a more artistic practice. More recently, Luke has turned his attention to the discovery of a sculptural practice continuing to work with timber while inviting other materials such as metal, bronze casting and digital laser cutting realizing their potential for a sculptural practice. Luke explores the transformation and elevation of such materials, allowing the materials to be malleable and free from restriction to inform art making.

Beginning in the workshop, Luke’s playful and curious nature takes control of a practice uninhibited by a desired outcome. Honoring balance, proportion and precision Luke aims to create works which are subtle and not too loud. The combination of Luke’s inquisitive nature and his determination for problem solving, supports the application discovery of the possible qualities and characteristics of materials and techniques.

Luke aims to create works that can be accessed and appreciated by an audience without restrictive formal analysis required to understand an appreciate an artwork. He encourages the viewer to personally engage and interact with the work, having an individual moment or interaction with each piece. While continuing to refine his sculptural practice, Luke is exploring new ways to amalgamate a lighting element to his sculptural works.

Now practicing out of a workshop in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, Luke has exhibited works as part of the Yering Station Sculpture Prize, Wyndham City Art Prize, Sculptures By the Sea and most recently Rainbow Serpent Festival.