Maegan Oberhardt

Born in 1997 and raised on a rural property in Queensland, Australia; Maegan spent her early years surrounded by nature and native wildlife. This environment provided her with the opportunity to study their features, individual characteristics, movement, and their expressions. It taught her appreciation of the natural environment and inspired her passion for animals, becoming the foundation for her artistic creativity.

By the time she started high school in 2010, she had moved to the northeastern suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria with her family. It was the same area that was affected by the Black Saturday bush fires in Kinglake in 2009. She had many friends who were directly impacted by that day and the devastation to the local region. After completing Year 12, she continued formal studies and by the age of 19, graduated University with a Bachelor of Design Arts.

The connection within her art is in the technique. It is man-made fire burning paper (which is a by-product of trees). This comments on the conflict between man and nature. The result of that conflict is that most wild species are directly impacted by man’s carbon footprint. By combining her drawing skills and passion for wildlife, Maegan has created a unique style and a collection of artworks that raise awareness and provide a voice for many species at risk.

Now at age 24, Maegan is accomplishing notable achievements with solo exhibitions in North East Victoria and group exhibitions in the Hunter Valley. She is also a Resident Artist at the renown Morpeth Gallery (located at Morpeth, NSW), where her detailed Original Art hangs alongside established Masters in Realism.
Maegan’s studio is located at her home on rural property in Bobinawarrah, Victoria. Abundant with native wildlife, many have inspired several of her latest pieces.