Matt Sherwen

The heart of an artist is to express creative concepts tangibly. Matt’s material of choice has always been timber. Drawn to the broad ways it can be experienced through the senses – the uniqueness of each species, the differences in smell, the way it can be shaped or the sound of planing. Matt is inspired by the possibilities.

Matt’s interest in woodworking began almost 10 years ago when his now wife’s birthday was fast approaching. He wanted to create something special but all he had was an old piece of timber and some tools in his father’s garage. At the time, he knew very little about woodworking but honed his curiosity and determination to create a jewellery box. A spark that turned to flame, Matt’s passion for woodwork was alight.

Throughout his life, Matt’s fondest memories occurred around a dining table. It is a place of connection, celebration, laughter and shared experience. This is why Matt’s focus is creating the perfect dining table for you and your family.