Natural Building Australia

Natural Building Australia aims to connect people with the information, guidance, and assistance to help them reduce their carbon footprint by designing and building housing suited to the site, that is both healthier for them and the planet.
My name is Rachel, and my mission is to develop a platform and network hub that can help anyone across Australia access information and resources to help them and their communities build naturally and design smarter homes built to the varied Australian climate. We can all see that as energy prices are rising, households are starting to think about ways to make their homes more efficient. Likewise, as house and land prices go up, more people are looking to take some of the expense out of their build by doing it themselves, and/or move rurally to live simpler and closer to nature. City dwellers too are asking for clever ways they can retrofit or renovate to make their homes more sustainable, and many are looking to natural building solutions but often find it too difficult or get told they can’t do what they know they want to!
Taking on building projects, of any size, can be complex, and full of hurdles.

Natural Building Australia is looking to be the first and only nation-wide website and in-person business for professionals and punters looking to get dirty and more hands on with their homes. This campaign is going to raise capital to build the network and develop a platform that can be made available to anyone thinking about making their homes more green, and more responsive to the seasons and weather.
Combining a directory of trades and skills, an interactive map of opportunities around the country, feature articles and webinars, courses and a resource hub, Natural Building Australia will be the one-stop-shop for building smarter and with alternative materials.