Naturally Timber

Our founder and master craftsman, Adnan Harb, creates custom furniture that is both exceptional and special, and his passion for the natural timber species itself – starts with a story. The story of a master cabinet maker.
At just seven-years-old, the young Adnan was making dolls furniture for the five girls in his 11-sibling family, in the small Lebanese village of Halousiye. By nine, he had joined his uncle in his three-man cabinet-making business. His formal cabinetmaking apprenticeship had begun . . . albeit sweeping floors.
In 1977, the 22-year-old Adnan and his 20-year-old brother left their then-politically troubled country for a new life in Sydney, Australia. They brought with them $100 in cash, not a word of English between them, and Adnan’s unrelenting dream to make the very finest furniture of which he was capable.

He persevered through a number of production jobs until he finally landed his first Australian cabinetmaking position in 1979, studying at night to become fluent in the English language. His first big break came soon afterwards, when he was “head hunted” by a French furniture maker (in Sydney), Marius De Franci Furniture.
When that company closed in 1984, Adnan made the run at his big dream. He bought all the plant equipment and took on the lease of the premises. It was a leap of faith. The announcement of the company’s closure was unexpected . . . he went to work one day as a cabinetmaker and came home a business owner. A testament to his unstoppable work ethic and unwavering drive to make quality and beautifully designed furniture.

Using a range of premium woods, paired with striking metal and timber bases, and infused with a contemporary and ultra-stylish design, Adnan’s creations are nothing short of jaw-dropping.
Entwined within its DNA is an imprint of 55-years of hand-selecting, hand-designing and hand-crafting timber that’s been created from a drive to be the best in every sense of the word.
And for generations to come, you will enjoy your custom Naturally Timber piece. Not only in style and design, but also in craftsmanship that cannot be replaced, by a man whose life work is intimately infused into every inch of your masterpiece.