Ovod Furniture

Ovod Furniture makers and joinery is now celebrating 23 years of successfully turning their clients’ designs into quality bespoke items of furniture and joinery for domestic and commercial interiors. The company was established by Compton Lynch in July 2000 with the aim to design and manufacture furniture and joinery to the highest standard.
Our project budgets vary from 5k to 200K. We work closely with homeowners, architects and interior designers and have consistently delivered for over 23 years high quality products on time and most importantly on budget. At the same time making sure that any revisions to the project details are fully documented with program and cost implications highlighted.
Ovod manufacture to the highest standard using quality fittings and commercial finishes. Ovod works predominantly with sustainable timber and timber-based products but we are equally skilled working with other materials including glass, metal, composite stones, marble and granite.
Our makers are also fully aware of the importance of making sure our furniture fits seamlessly into all interiors. And that they accommodate all the key services that are found in the home and commercial interiors from the electrical, audio, heating, cooling and plumbing.