Paradox Movement

Jason and Andrew founded Paradox Movement in 2012, brought together by a shared philosophy of bespoke furniture making and a desire to craft meaningful pieces for the home.
Our exquisite craftsmanship is married with an uncompromising approach to quality, prioritising local suppliers and materials to ensure that each home receives something uniquely Australian.

We know our materials and care where they come from, sourcing beautiful and functional stock from our own backyard in New South Wales as well as from sustainable mature stock around the world.
Understated innovation in design for the home has led us to a new vision for functional luxury, where the best materials are celebrated with contemporary takes on enduring shapes.
We’re passionate about creating spaces of sanctuary where family can be nurtured and new memories forged, not just at the cutting edge of style but with a view to each piece’s place in the home for the generations to come.