Pepo Farms

There is a bright sunny future to the paddock directly across the road from the shop, factory and educational centre!
We have the opportunity to create something amazing for our region, with hopes of its impact reaching far further than just our region, but we’ll start here! With The Artisan Community Mill having been operational through our Ovens factory and shop where we help out Aussie farmers by pressing and milling their nuts into oils and flours, we are expanding our social footprint and starting another new project.

Here at Pepo Farms, we are passionate about food, farming and community. We want to take part in fostering the future of farming in our region, and we encourage everyone to get on board with helping us to achieve an ongoing and prosperous future of growing food sustainably, having access to local produce and engaging with our community about food security and changing attitudes to small scale farm viability. We will undertake this exciting venture through the establishment of a social enterprise business.

What is Social Enterprise?
Social enterprise is about identifying a social problem and creating a business to work towards fixing that problem in the community or wider world. Social enterprises exist to benefit the public and community and as well as tackling a social, environmental or cultural problems they provide access to employment and training, help the environment and connect community with the land.

Our aim is to improve the future of regional community farming and food security in the community while working with the community to give people the opportunity to learn about sustainable small scale farming, organic and biodynamic farming and encouraging community involvement to grow food locally.

Outcomes we want to achieve:

  • Improve skills and knowledge of preparing land and growing crops on smale scale land blocks using ethical farming practices
  • Improve attitudes and behaviour towards small scale crop farming and rebuild relationships with nature
  • Improve access to locally grown produce for regional communities and renew food security assurance in the community

We want to be able to provide the community with fresh produce grown in their own backyard and impart them with hands on knowledge of how to look after and prepare the soil, grow and harvest fresh and nutritious produce.

Our vision is to involve and benefit the local community by driving economic growth and building partnerships with local people and business, providing opportunity and education for young people, and hopes to bring a new tourism channel to the region.

We are now on the hunt for like-minded people who share our vision to rebuild and renew a positive future for Australia agriculture and food and would like to contribute in any way to helping us set up our new social enterprise in the Ovens Valley.