Pizzini Wines

Our story is the culmination of several journeys and two significant destinations. From Trentino in the far northern reaches of Italy, to here, amongst the fertile undulations of the King Valley.
This is where, for over 30 years, our family’s love of food, wine, and craft has manifested and been brought to life. Because, to us, wine is more than a drink… it’s our culture. And when combined with friends, family, and a table filled with food, it acts as a conduit for connection—helping to bring people together, to slow down, and revel in each other’s company.

We’ve been experimenting with, and perfecting, diverse, and innovative Italian varieties in the King Valley.
Our wines have always been a reflection of our land, our heritage, and our tenacity. And while the previous generations established, grew, and helped the business to flourish, today our focus is growing a deeper understanding of the land.
Working with Italian wine specialists and renowned soil experts, we are continually learning about the unique characteristics of our vineyards—from the top to the bottom—so we can express them in our wines and produce top quality every vintage.
We use a combination of traditional and modern techniques—from hand-harvesting, to clonal selection, to whole bunch fermentation—to create wines that are both a reflection of place… and a true pleasure to drink. Because, to us, that’s what it’s all about.