Plank Audio

Plank Audio has been created by sound engineer Aaron Dobos and designer Tim Denshire-Key. The idea for Plank began when Aaron was looking for a mixing desk for his new studio. Unable to find something to suit his needs he turned to designer and furniture maker Tim, to assist. Together they created a desk, and the idea was born to create a range of furniture tailored to audio production needs.
The outcome is Plank Audio.

Plank Audio is a new range of audio production studio furniture launching August 2020. Think mixing desks, rack gear boxes, speaker stands. Plank Audio creates approachable, well designed products for the studio setting. Developed in studio and made in Melbourne, utilising quality, sustainably sourced materials. Plank Audio’s products will become the focal point of your creative environment.

Tim Denshire-Key is a Melbourne based designer/ maker/ thinker. Tim works across the creative fields including exhibition work, bespoke recycled timber furniture and intermittent experimental sculptural practice.
Aaron Dobos is an freelance music producer, mixer and engineer based in Melbourne.