Raw Honey

RawHoney.com.au connects Apiarists and Shops that have Raw Honey to sell directly with people who want to buy it.
As beekeepers ourselves, we know that selling honey on the side of the road can sometimes be a bit hit-and-miss. Honey sitting in the hot Aussie sun all week isn’t that great for it, and what about those people who really want fresh-from-the-hive honey, but don’t happen to drive past your place on the weeks that you’re selling it?
We want to empower people via our web site to be able to quickly search for and purchase fresh Raw Honey direct from the people who produce it, you.
Simply put, Raw Honey is honey that is extracted from a bee hive and put straight in a jar for eating. It unheated, unpasteurised, unprocessed, and totally natural.
Most home apiarists (that’s beekeeper’s to the rest of us!) pull the frames out, take the caps off the wax, then spin the honey in a centrifugal contraption forcing the honey out of the honeycomb. What’s left is not only honey, but other naturally occurring ingredients like pollen and other enzymes which have proven nutritional benefits.