Reading Furniture

We’re not just furniture makers and Joiners; we’re artists who are passionate about our craft and bringing a superior level of craftsmanship to your home.

Leeroy Reading – Owner/Director
Leeroy’s vision and craftsmanship set the standard for quality and design at Reading Furniture.
The journey of Reading Furniture began in 2017, not just as a business venture, but as a deeply personal mission. With the impending arrival of my daughter, the spark was ignited to build something that would stand the test of time, not just for her but for every family that chooses our furniture to be a part of their home. Our foundation was built on a powerful sentiment: to create a legacy.
The home is a sanctuary. It’s where children grow up, and it’s the stage for countless memories. We’re privileged to be part of those memories. Think of those moments spent around the kitchen bench, where families come together to cook, to laugh, to share stories of their day. Or the dining table that plays host to festive feasts, intimate dinners, and countless stories shared with friends and loved ones. We believe in the power of these moments. They’re transformative, and they change the way we live, love, and remember.

Leon von Minding – The Operational Backbone of Our Team
At the heart of our operations is Leon von Minding, a figure synonymous with efficiency and unwavering commitment. As the Right Hand Man in our business, Leon is the linchpin ensuring that every project transitions smoothly from concept to reality. His role is critical in maintaining the seamless production we’re known for, and his relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction is what truly sets our business apart.
Leon’s approach is characterized by an innate curiosity, a profound dedication to his craft, and an exceptional eye for detail. These qualities not only make him an invaluable member of our team but also a distinct presence that enhances every aspect of our business operations. Leon’s contributions don’t just meet standards – they define them.