Real Good Honey

Since the inception of Real Good Honey, our mission has always been to lift the value and perception of Australian honey.
Our company has made serious honey market, and now we are turning our focus to the skin microbiome. To date we have had great success combatting troublesome pathogens found on the groin, trunk, feet and even within the vagina.
Having fought an uphill battle to seek treatment and knowledge into bacterial vaginosis and skin conditions, I know firsthand the challenges society across the globe are experiencing. We are bringing a voice to these challenges and offering a holistic solution that does not rely on long-term antibiotics.
I look back on my experiences and truly consider myself fortunate to know that I have access to a powerful and natural product to treat these ailments.
Jay Curtin, CEO

Some honeys produced in Western Australia including Blackbutt, Jarrah and Red Gum have exceptional germ-killing abilities, up to three times stronger than manuka variants, and proven to be of immense use therapeutically as an alternative to antibiotics.
The Real Good Honey range is broad- spectrum; not only are our honey’s potent antibacterial agents, but they also exert
powerful anti-fungal activity thanks to naturally occurring hydrogen peroxide. These honeys have been shown to kill fungal pathogens such as those causing candida, tinea, jock itch and ringworm. In comparison, manuka honey is far less effective against fungal pathogens due to possessing far lower levels of hydrogen peroxide activity.
“To our knowledge these are the most potent antibacterial honeys yet reported. These findings put Western Australian Jarrah, Blackbutt & Red Gum honeys on the international radar at a time when antibiotic resistance is recognised as a
global crisis.” Dr Shona Blair, PhD