Redfern Raw

The sustainability movement is not something new, it’s a conscious ethos to make contributions back into our environment. To lighten our footprint upon the Earth. Cottage industries, producing locally, enabling people to buy locally, therefore reducing our dependence on mass-industries that are grossly inefficient.
We here at Redfern Raw apply this ethos to our approach to beekeeping and the production of our 100% unadulterated, pure raw honey. Our inner-city bees are not only free to roam away from the industrial pesticides widely used in commercial farming. They have access to a wide variance of flora biodiversity gathered from every garden, parkland and nature reserve from Bondi to Balmain to across the Bridge.
Much like cheese depends on milk and wine depends on the grape, Redfern Raw’s flavour changes with each harvest. Each crop has its own characteristics that change with the blooming cycles of the suburban gardens our bees visit.
All our processing is then done by hand to ensure minimum interference. The result is a complex flavour profile that commercial honey lacks or loses during production. Why tamper with something that nature has already made perfect!?