Sandalford Wines

Established in 1840, Sandalford Wines is one of the oldest winemakers in Western Australia. It’s history is inextricably linked with the earliest development of Western Australia’s internationally-renowned wine industry.
With a declared passion for creating excellent wines, Debra and Peter Prendiville and their family continue to bring innovations from around the world to Sandalford. Their travels broaden distribution to dozens of countries where wine was uncommon such as China, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Norway as well as expanding traditional markets into Singapore, Hong Kong and Dubai.
In one of Australia’s most sustainable wineries at Caversham, Swan Valley, Sandalford creates today’s collection of Prendiville, Estate Reserve, Margaret River Range and Element award-winning wines from its two fertile vineyards. With advanced viticultural practices and a progressive winemaking team, the Sandalford brand enjoys a long-standing reputation for quality and exceeding expectations at every price point.