Sawdust Bureau

We combine the best of modern and traditional woodworking and joinery techniques to produce handmade, limited edition and fully bespoke pieces made exclusively from sustainably-sourced, Australian native timber species.
Our studio was founded in 2012 as an experimental furniture workshop with our designs fusing 15 years of experience in studying and practising architecture around the globe with a passion for sculptural craft and local indigenous timbers.
As part of our ongoing commitments to reducing our carbon footprint, in 2019 Sawdust Bureau founded the Treemaker Initiative – (a 1% income pledge towards tree planting and protection charities for furniture makers, builders, cabinetmakers and other industries).

We are located in Maribyrnong (7km west of Melbourne’s CBD) at Jack’s Magazine – an historic, former ammunitions storage facility on the banks of the Maribyrnong River, recently revived by Working Heritage and Renew Australia as a creative hub for artists and makers.
Our workshop, built in the 1870’s, was once the loading dock where gunpowder was transported through to the main magazine buildings for safe storage. The workshop comes complete with a canal and a railway track, fitted with a mobile workbench mounted to an original 150-year old trolley.