Sawyer’s Apiaries Epic Honey

Sawyer’s Apiaries is a family owned; family run bee farm operating out of WA since 1947. Our beehives follow the flowering cycles of WA’s native flora. We collect honey from as far south as Ravensthorpe and as far north as Cervantes. We produce a pure product, free of any chemicals, pesticides, insecticides or additives. Each honey variety comes from the tree it is named after.

We carefully tend to each hive, ensuring our bees thrive in a healthy environment. We believe that happy bees result in remarkable honey and other bee products.
Sawyer’s Apiaries Premium Honey is unparalleled in its purity and taste. We harvest our honey at the peak of freshness, capturing the unique flavours and aromas of the surrounding landscape.

Our honey comes from beehives that follow the natural flowering cycles of the native plants in Western Australia. We collect honey from locations throughout the state, from Ravensthorpe in the south to Cervantes in the north. We believe in providing a pure product that is free from any chemicals, pesticides, or insecticides. To maintain the quality of our honey, we use gravity filtration, which means that you may find small wax particles in some of your honey. We do not use heat treatment, but instead warm the honey slowly so that we can pour it into the container you see. Each type of honey comes from a specific tree and does not contain any artificial flavors. The TA levels in our honey have been independently analyzed by the Chem Centre in Bentley.
When you buy Sawyer’s Apiaries products, you are supporting a local family in their passion to keep small business alive and flourishing. We thank you.