Sister Studio

Not so long ago, we were making clothes for our surrounding sisters and friends, then friends of friends until we had intuitively created SISTER.
SISTER was born from the enjoyment Emma and Alice had from hanging out and making things together. The two met years ago when they strutted into each other at the disco. At the time, Emma was studying fashion and Alice was finishing school. Since, they have shared many experiences, festive times, sparkling wines and delicious dinners together. With a background in soft furnishings, sculpture and an artistic practice, Alice’s broad approach to clothing paired perfectly with Emma’s relaxed return to fashion, after years of teaching.
Our design process is just as intuitive as the conception of our brand itself. We’re inspired by trends of the past (Emma is a vintage queen), things we’ve seen on our travels and most often inspired by our circle of friends – You’ll notice many of our garment names are named after our best pals.

In the beginning of SISTER Studios, we created every garment and sewed every tag by hand. Since then, it’s been imperative to keep the manufacturing of SISTER close to home. Coming from a background in fashion and textiles, we understand the cultural significance and importance of the textile and clothing industry here in Melbourne, Australia. It’s important for us to be hands on throughout the entire manufacturing process and build relationships with our supply-chain and community. Every producer we work alongside is part of the wider SISTER community and we’re proud to call them family.

Relying on a handful of local manufacturing businesses from around Melbourne’s northern suburbs and beyond, SISTER proudly collaborates with makers who are treated fairly and properly supported by their employers. We partner with conscious manufacturers who demonstrate a commitment to a transparent and ethical supply chain. Many of our partnered businesses are family-run and are rich in history and knowledge. This passing down of expertise and skill means SISTER pieces have been created to the highest quality and will be with you for years to come.
We also support a selection of local artisans and creatives by stocking their pieces in our SISTER Store.