Slowfox Wines

We run about 7ha of vines on Brambletye Vineyard in Mudgee with a combination of trellised and bush vines. All our fruit is handpicked and made in our small scale winery on site. We do wild yeast ferments when we can and basket press the smaller batches before putting them in a mixture of French and American oak barrels. Our wines are represented in local restaurants and wine bars and at our eclectically styled Cellar Door for tastings and sales.

We have built up a variety of wines leading with our award winning ripe and beautifully coloured Malbec. We do small 1 barrel runs of our light but full bodied Tempranillo adding a little more each year. We pick our Shiraz a little early to make a light dry salmon coloured Rosé and later to create a true to varietal style red. We predominantly grow Cabernet and do a variety of styles from different sections of the vineyard. Our Reserve Cabernet comes from non irrigated bush vines on the river flats, our straight Cabernet from the higher ground non trellised vines and then use our trellised Cabernet in a Bordeaux style blend with Merlot and a small percentage of Malbec for a soft round easy drinking red. We also make a Cabernet/Malbec blend for a big bold fruit driven wine. For the whites we have a Viogner which is picked early to make a beautiful and balanced light and fresh style tasting almost like a the best parts of a Sav blanc and a chardonnay blended together.

We make our wines to sit and drink with food and friends. Each year we do the best we can with the fruit the season has given us with minimal intervention to make small batches of fruit full goodness to share.