So Soda

Put simply, we were fed up with drinking mainstream soda while on a camping trip. Hot and bothered and seriously thirsty, we thought ‘bugger it’ lets make something better and a little different. We started the recipe trials for our soda that could be that everyday quencher, something a bit better for you but full of flavour and without all the marketing fluff.

The more we researched the market, all we found were sugar loaded soft drinks with the same old flavour offering, bubbly water with a dash of no flavour. Or better yet, some fancy functional drink that makes you astronaut ready and invincible?! There’s something for everyone, but that’s not us.

Our sodas come in unique flavours, broken free from the same old flavour offerings from decades ago. And they let you feel like a grown-up, without nagging you about your grown-up responsibilities. No preaching about your health, or tricked up marketing acronyms to disguise a whole lot of nothing in a can. Just cool cans full of feel good fun and loads of flavour that are light on the waistline.