Studio McKenna

Hi, we’re Amelia and Tim, the husband and wife duo behind Studio McKenna.
At Studio McKenna, we create gorgeous interior statement pieces for those wishing to enrich their home (and life) with luxury. We believe that your home is a sacred space and it should be decorated with unique items that reflect your personality—it’s why we’re so passionate about curating, developing and creating bespoke products.
Our innovative candle range is sophisticated beauty. Think daily self-care that goes beyond a candlelit bath. Each exquisite design creates an ambience to savour at any time of day. No matter who you are or what space you want to uplift, our candles are a perfect choice embodying calm sanctuary feels.
Each candle is hand-poured in our Melbourne studio and made from superior ingredients to ensure maximum burn time. A countless number of hours goes into our research and development process to deliver the most exquisite product for your home.
Our candles are unscented so that everyone can enjoy them, but we’ve infused them with our passion and creative flair. So, be prepared to experience a deep sense of comfort, inspiration and pure happiness within your space.