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  • Damaged Goods Distilling Co.

    Damaged Goods Distilling Co.

    We’re on a mission to prove that spirits made with imperfect ingredients don’t have to be anything less than perfect… in fact, as two ex-hospo alums, our palates are finely tuned to seek perfection, so that’s the only thing we’ll accept.We’re not trying to recreate the same spirits you’re used to, though. We’re aiming for…

  • Imbue Distillery

    Imbue Distillery

    Imbue Distillery brings you spirits rich with flavour and imbued with the story of us, founders Mel & Mick Sheard. Our good friends Luke + Nikki joined the Imbue family in 2019 and bring much needed logic to our hair-brained plans!Combined we share 60 years experience in Melbourne’s food industry from retail to wholesale, bakeries,…