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  • Studio Woodworkers Australia Limited (SWA)

    Studio Woodworkers Australia Limited (SWA)

    Studio Woodworkers Australia (SWA) is an association of makers of fine furniture, art, sculpture and objects using predominantly wood. SWA was established to promote Australia’s finest designer makers and artists working in wood. We are a professional community who come together to celebrate fine craftsmanship and cultivate excellence in the field of woodworking. We embrace…

  • Ka Ra Studio

    Ka Ra Studio

    We create furniture that’s serious in quality, but full of fun, lighthearted charm.Furniture that’s pared back yet playful, whilst being flexible, to fit smaller spaces.Furniture that’s made locally by a selection of Melbourne’s incredibly talented makers — with our home planet in mind, using sustainable materials.Furniture designed to bring joy to your space, to make…