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  • Wendy Voon Knits

    Wendy Voon Knits

    Wendy Voon knitwear combines contemporary design with elegant forms, sensuous textures and the finest yarns. Each piece is soft, luxurious and highly wearable.Wendy Voon is the owner and designer of WENDY VOON, a Melbourne-based, Australian contemporary knitwear label, established in 2005.Wendy works on domestic knitting machines and with a local Melbourne knitting mill.‘Sculptural’ and ‘architectural’…

  • Chalk n Cheese

    Chalk n Cheese

    For me it was in 1995, when Chalk n Cheese was a thought, a dream I had whilst living in the UK designing for the high street brands. Whilst I knew I had to come home and do something with my degree the thought of travelling was far better.After returning to Australia I started working…