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  • Goolwa Pippi Co

    Goolwa Pippi Co

    By Hand Harvesting Our Humble Pipis, We Take Only What The Pristine South Australian Waters Offer. Not A Pipi More. It’s no secret that in some parts of the world, fisheries vacuum the seabed to harvest shellfish. Whilst it might be economically efficient, it lacks the sense of connection our harvesters have with the resource…

  • Kitty Came Home

    Kitty Came Home

    One day in 2004 Katrina lost her purse amongst the delightful fresh food of the Adelaide Central Markets. She searched high and low for a new purse that was pretty, functional, and utterly individual (rather than mass produced). Ultimately, she made one herself, hand sewn, from her nanna Connie’s vintage fabric and some clear PVC,…