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  • Sunrise Honey Farm

    Sunrise Honey Farm

    Honey made in Australia has always been world-renowned for its purity, and natural high quality. However, in order to ensure that the honey is purely natural and of good quality, that starts from the honey source. SUNRISE HONEY FARM is located in the Sunshine Coast region of Queensland, Australia, with 149 hectares of land, nestled…

  • Pure Origins

    Pure Origins

    Founded and manufactured in Australia, we aim to provide people all over the globe with only the finest liquid gold. From the US, Middle East, Japan, South East Asia and China, a little piece of Australia is present through Pure Origins Honey around the world.We are certified HACCP, organic and an export approved facility. Each…

  • Honey of Noosa

    Honey of Noosa

    Honey of Noosa was founded on our vision of creating delectably raw and organic honey that nurtures health and wellness through our iconic and stylish jars. We are a small family-owned business located in the heart of Noosa, Queensland. For three generations our family have been private bee keepers, and honey has been a key…