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  • Milton Rum Distillery

    Milton Rum Distillery

    The Milton Rum team is a small community of passionate distillers, producers and rum-lovers working together to reimagine rum. We aim to bring a fresh approach to the Australian rum scene by producing craft spirits with a unique mix of traditional distillation techniques and the latest innovations. Sustainability, quality and creativity guide every step of…

  • Kalki Moon

    Kalki Moon

    Founded in Bundaberg’s infamous cane fields, Kalki Moon is the region’s artisan distillery.It was born here in Bundaberg, with our Founder and Master Distiller, Rick Prosser, taking inspiration from the cane fields.Kalki Moon comes from the Bundaberg suburb, Kalkie — where Rick and his wife, Kylie built their home. One night, Rick found himself inspired…