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  • Castle Glen Winery

    Castle Glen Winery

    Determined to create 100% All Natural Wines, Cedric Millar – Castle Glen’s Master Winemaker – oversees all of the growing and production methods personally. Using only the grapes grown in Castle Glen’s own Vineyard, Cedric produces wine with personality and allows the character of the season determine the final outcome of our wine. He does…

  • Killara Distillery

    Killara Distillery

    The name Killara is a nod to my parents, Bill & Lyn Lark who started the whisky industry in Australia back in 1992. Killara is the name of the street where that first modern distillery was registered over 150 years after the last distillery in Hobart closed its doors and shut off its stills.The still…

  • Section 44 Distillery

    Section 44 Distillery

    The name Section 44 stems from an interpretation of the Australian Constitution that disqualified Senators and Members of Parliament from holding office if their father was born overseas. As a result, Stephen Parry, a Tasmanian-born Senator, lost his role in the Senate. This event brought together the three founders: Andrew Patten, Raj Charan Singh, and…

  • Sandy Gray Whisky

    Sandy Gray Whisky

    Our mission and obsession is to produce the finest quality whisky and gin. We distil in extremely small batches to focus on all processes to ensure that our spirits are among the finest available.https://www.sandygraywhisky.com.au/

  • Taylor and Smith Distilling Company

    Taylor and Smith Distilling Company

    Taylor and Smith Distilling co. is an independent artisan distillery in Hobart, owned and run by Natalie and Ben.We experiment with Tasmanian botanicals and carefully craft our base spirits to synthesise the Tasmanian landscape and write out the stories of place. The scale of the season is compressed in Tasmania so you get an intensity…

  • Iron House Brewery Distillery

    Iron House Brewery Distillery

    At the edge of the Tasman Sea, where the old droving hut Iron House once stood watchful, we carefully hone our craft. Mere moments from where the sea floor falls away into the mysterious depths, the dark unknown, we sow, grow, brew, distill and mature all facets of quality craft beer, southern climate wines and…

  • Hunnington Distillery

    Hunnington Distillery

    Hunnington Distillery is an award winning, family owned and run business that overlooks Trial Bay and Deadman’s Point, just outside Kettering, Tasmania.We make our products by hand with the best ingredients we can find, pure Tasmanian rainwater, organic botanicals where possible, local if available and grown on our own property, or those of friends and…

  • Callington Mill Distillery

    Callington Mill Distillery

    John’s journey into whisky started by chance after he purchased Dysart House in Kempton, Tasmania. Dysart House came to be leased to Redlands Distillery, now Old Kempton Distillery, and through this process John met Bill Lark, the Godfather of Tasmanian Whisky.John and Bill Lark become fast friends and Bill ignited in John a fervent passion…

  • Lark Distillery

    Lark Distillery

    Over 30 years, our team has built what is now one of Australia’s most famous whisky distilleries, recently nominated as one of four distillers for the Worldwide Whisky Producer of the Year award.Tasmania is ideally situated to make malt whisky, and yet 150 years after the last licensed Tasmanian distillery closed its doors, it took…