The Australian Native Bee Research Centre (ANBRC)

The Australian Native Bee Research Centre (ANBRC), hosting Aussie Bee website, is a privately-funded organisation based in the lower Blue Mountains, west of Sydney, New South Wales.
Aussie Bee website raises public awareness of our vital native bee species and helps ensure the bees’ survival in Australia. It provides a wealth of free information, photographs and videos on Australia’s 1,700 native bee species, based on the research of the ANBRC and other specialists. We gratefully acknowledge the many superb photographs and videos contributed to Aussie Bee website by skilled photographers, credited on the various pages. Established in 1997, Aussie Bee was Australia’s first website on Australian native bees and has now been supporting our native bees for over 20 years.
In addition, the ANBRC publishes information ebooks and a field guide on Australian native bees. It also published the magazine, Aussie Bee Bulletin, for a five year period.