The Giving Farm

We are a small, family farm on the Central Coast of New South Wales, Australia. On the farm we grow fruit, veggies and flowers. We also have sheep, milking goats, chickens, ducks & geese on the farm. An important part of what we do on the farm is take in native animals and livestock that need for be cared for. These might be orphans, sick, or just in need of a little TLC before being released. Missy is a rescuer and carer for Wildlife ARC. We strive to make sure we are connected to our earth. Managing our land, not as farmers but as caretakers of the farm and the earth beneath it. We do not want to be separate from nature but to work with nature and the earth in harmony. Making sure that we are giving back to the earth what has been stripped away by conventional farming, making sure everything is in balance.

We believe that soil health is a direct relation to plant health and therefore human health. We believe the lack of micro & macro nutrients are big contributors to the health of humans, both mentally (think zinc & magnesium) and physically. We don’t want to just guess what nutrients are in our soil and produce we grow, we want to test and get accurate data on exactly what the plants are up-taking. It doesn’t matter what our soils are like, if the plants aren’t up-taking the nutrients, then they won’t be nutrient dense. This is why we do soils & leaf tissue tests. Soil tests are where we take multiple samples of soil from a particular area and send them away to a laboratory to be analysed. Leaf tissue samples are similar. We take leaves from throughout a crop and send them to a lab to be analysed. We then get an accurate idea of exactly what is going on in our plants. We can then select cover crops to make amendments to the soil or if the crop isn’t up-taking a nutrient then we can just give the crop what it is missing. No extra nutrients and nothing lacking either.

We aim to have a closed farm, where everything we use comes directly from the farm, this includes making composts, growing mulch, using our worm farm and animals to increase biology and health in our soils.

We want you and your family to have access to safe, nutritionally dense produce. To be able to see how it is grown and even come and pick your own produce! We want you to trust your food and know your farmers! That’s us!!
We hope we get to see you out to the farm real soon!