The Urban Beehive

Established in 2010 by beekeepers Vicky Brown and Doug Purdie, The Urban Beehive is driven by a deep desire to protect pollinating bees in Sydney, in the knowledge that this will ensure the city’s health and – ultimately – its survival. Today, we have over a hundred beehives, and we are partnered with some of Sydney’s most acclaimed businesses.
Doug became a beekeeper in 2008, and quickly went on to become the president of the NSW Amateur Beekeepers Association. He is the author of Backyard Bees and The Bee Friendly Garden (published by Murdoch Books), blogs regularly at The Beevangelist, and is often called upon to appear as a bee expert on TV and in other media.
Vicky began her beekeeping journey on Kangaroo Island, a dedicated bee sanctuary and home to the Ligurian Honeybee. Keeping bees in an ‘urban’ environment was the next step, and she now maintains apiaries all over Sydney, teaches beekeeping courses, and raises awareness about the significance of bees as the earth’s major pollinators. She is part of a growing international community of dedicated rooftop apiarists.

Our urban honey is unique and changes with the seasons, we have honey available from various regions across Sydney. We can supply wholesale pricing please email us at for details.
To sample Urban Beehive’s delicious range of honey and honeycomb, the warehouse is open Thursday, Friday and Saturday 10:00 am -3:00 pm (except public holidays) – we love chatting all things bees and beehive cultivation. You can buy honey instore or online direct from the source!
Location: Unit 21, 19 McCauley St, Matraville.